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Sync, Save & Share

You can sync, save and share your EndNote (EN) Library so you can access your EN Library anywhere.

Mac users

Similar syncing steps to Windows (see below) with slight changes to the interface.


You can:

  • sync to other electronic devices (iPad included), and access your EndNote Library anywhere. EndNote 20 can be set up to automatically synchronize your EN Desktop and EN Web Library.
  • sync across two or more computers.

Note: Cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive should not be used for the location of your main library. Use the cloud only to store compressed libraries as back-ups.

To enable syncing for the first time:


  • Only one library can be used, so you need to make it your main library.
  • Before syncing, you have to create a back-up of your library by saving a compressed library.
  • Select File > Compress Library (.enlx).

EndNote Sync steps

  1. Open the EN library that you'd like to designate as your EN Sync library and select Library > Sync.
  2. Click Sign up to create a new EndNote account or sync with an existing account by inputting your login credentials.

Note: If you have synced for the first time, any changes you make to any references on the Desktop will be made everywhere.

To sync to another computer

  • To sync on a second or third computer, create a fresh EN Library by choosing File > New, and give it a different name to the existing (main) Library.
  • Select Library > Sync and enter you online account details.
  • Select Sync Status, followed by Sync Now


EndNote 20 user can:

  • share their entire Library with up to 400 other EndNote users, or an individual group with up to 100 other to EndNote users, no matter where they are located.
  • can share entire EndNote Library, including references, PFDs and annotations. See Syncing EndNote tab for more information.

To be able to share

  1. An EndNote Web account is required.
  2. Create an EndNote Web account and fully sync your Library before sharing.

Sharing steps

If a sync has already been completed:

  1. Open EN Library, select File > Share (for your Library) or Groups > Share Group (for groups).
  2. Enter the email addresses that you want to share with. Separate email addresses with a comma (,).
  3. Select whether you want to give your invitee(s) Read and Write or Read Only access to your Library.
  4. Select Invite.
  5. Your recipient(s) will then receive an email invitation. They can either accept or decline the invitation.
  6. To open the shared library, File > Open Shared Library.

Image of dialog box to share Library with others on Windows
















Mac users

Note: Similar syncing steps to Windows (see above) with slight changes to the interface.

  • Follow the steps 1-5 (Windows). The recipient(s) will receive an email 'Invitation to share an EndNote library'.



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