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Editing References in EndNote

Editing multiple references

If you want to update multiple citations at the same time (eg. adding retrieval date or label), the best time to do it is when you have just imported them (in the 'Imported References' window) or in a Group.

To edit a field in multiple citations:

  1. Go to Library>Change/Move/Copy Fields...
  2. The Change/Move/Copy Fields pop-up box will appear
    • In the Select a field ... drop-down menu, choose 'Access Date'
    • Click Replace whole field with:
    • Enter a date and click OK.
  3. Click OK to confirm that you want to change that field in all references
  4. A pop-up will inform you that all changes have been made. Click OK.

Removing duplicate references

As your EndNote Library grows and has a lot of references from a variety of sources, you may find some references are duplicated.

Note -  You must remove duplicates if you intend to use 'Cite While You Write', to prevent errors in your reference lists.

To search a complete EndNote Library for duplicates as below:

  1. Compare duplicate references to decide which to keep.
  2. Any differences are automatically highlighted.
  3. You can copy and paste information between references if necessary.

Note - If you select to Keep this record, the other record will be sent to Trash.

Automatically discarding duplicates

To set EndNote preferences to automatically eliminate duplicate references retrieved from an online search:

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences > Duplicates
  2. Tick the box Automatically Discard Duplicates > OK