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Video length: 1:25:20

00:00:00  Agenda overview

00:48:41 Direct exporting from classic Web of Science to EndNote

00:07:08  Launching EndNote 20

00:57:25 Capturing a reference and its full-text PDF article using EndNote Click

00:08:45 Creating a new Library

01:00:45 Previewing and annotating PDF attachments

00:15:00 Differences between EndNote Desktop and EndNote online

01:01:03 Manually attaching a file to a library record

00:18:20 Reviewing library components and locating the sample library

01:04:30 Customising the Find Full Text feature and performing a search

00:21:40 Reviewing the Archived EndNote library format and opening the sample library

01:09:10 Importing PDFs into EndNote

00:23:00 Closing a library and EndNote library window overview

01:12:15 Cite While You Write - Insert Citation

00:34:00 Creating a new reference manually

01:16:55 Cite While You Write - Insert Selected Citation(s)

00:37:55 Describing the Unfiled group, group sets and custom groups

01:19:00 Cite While You Write - Configure Bibliography

00:38:47 Performing an Online search

01:21:25 Cite While You Write - Edit & Manage Citation(s)

00:46:35 Creating a group set and a custom group

01:23:58 Cite While You Write - removing an in-text citation

Source: EndNote. (2020, Nov 6). A class recording: EndNote 20 essentials (Windows) [Video]. YouTube.