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Manual entry

For both Windows and MAC users

You many need to add a reference manually to your EndNote library if:

  • the source is only available in print or
  • the online direct export is not available

If you are unsure of the requirements of the APA 7th referencing styte, you should refer to William Angliss Library's Referencing guide.

To add a new reference manually:

  • In the toolbar, select References > New Reference 
  • Click the New reference icon is a clipboard with a plus symbol on it icon                                                        
  • Select the relevant Reference Type, e.g. Book, Journal Article, Web Page etc. from the drop-down menu.

  • Enter the applicable details, e.g. Author's name, Year, Title, etc.

  • Move to the next field by pressing the Tab key.

  • Click the Save icon on Windows option or CTRL+S to save.

  • Click the blue cross at the top right to close the reference and return to the home screen.

Note: Quick edits to an existing record, can be done in the Preview pane, and the 'Summary' tab shows how the reference is formatted in the chosen style.


You do not need to fill-in all fields in a Reference Type.

  • If you have a reference with more than one author, type it on a separate line by pressing Enter.
  • Add an individual author's name by entering the Last Name first, followed by a comma (,) , then the other names, either in full or using initials. For example: Holloway, J. Christopher or Holloway, J. C.
  • For group authors, (eg. corporations, associations, government agencies) add the name followed by a comma (,). For example: William Angliss Institute,  This ensures the name formats correctly.
  • Adding to the Keywords and Notes fields can be helpful for your own searching, or to remind you why a particular reference is useful. These fields do not appear as part of a formatted reference.
  • DO NOT use any of the formatting options available when entering a reference unless required. The APA style format correctly without them.
  • When entering, checking or editing any information in an EndNote record, consider the requirements of the referencing style you are using, as well as any other information that will help you find, or understand the value of the source. Any publication information you enter are not part of the chosen style, for example: Place of Publication for webpage  in APA 7th , will not be included in the citation.