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Create a new libary - Mac user

First, you need to create your unique EndNote Library so that you can add and store your references. 

  1. Open the EndNote program from your computer.
  2. The first time, you use EndNote, you will be prompted to accept the licence agreement, then 'Create a new library'.
  3. Select a location to Save in (e.g. your Documents folder) and give your EndNote Library a unique name.

You will see your new EndNote Library appear and ready for you to start adding references.

An EndNote Library is divided into sections (from left to right):

  1. The Groups panel allows you to organise and manage your references.
  2. The References panel lists your current references.
  3. The Preview panel displays an individual reference for editing, the contents of a PDF file (if one attached), and shows a preview of the reference in the citation (referencing)style you have chosen.

Note: The References and Preview panels can be expanded or minimised by placing your mouse at either side of the References panel and moving the arrow to the desired position. The Preview panel can also be closed by selecting the green cross    to the right. The panel will reopen again by double clicking any reference in the References panel.

APA 7th WAI style

'APA 7th-WAI' style has been created for William Angliss users, and available on all PCs on campus where EndNote is installed.

To include it in your own installation of EndNote:

  1. Extract the style file from the zip folder, APA 7th- WAI style (ENS, 71.7KB)  Last updated November 2021.
  2. Open the style file.
  3. Select File>Save As to save the file.
  4. Save the file.
  5. If you have EndNote open already, close it, and reopen. Then navigate to Tools<Output Styles<Open Style Manager to locate the 'APA7th-WAI style'.
  6. Select it, then close the Style Manager.
  7. The new style should be now be available in your list of styles to choose from in the Preview panel.

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