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Direct export from databases & Google Scholar


Most databases and Google Scholar have a Direct Export function that will export a reference from a database into your EndNote library.

  • Your EndNote Library must be open to facilitate the import from a database.
  • To create a reference from a database, you need to access it via the William Angliss Library webpage.

To direct export a reference from EBSCO databases:

  • select the folder icon next to each item/record you want to export from your search results, then
  • Select  option in the top blue bar:                                                     
  • Select the items again, then the Export option from the right-hand menu.
    • Select Direct Export in RIS Format.
    • Click Save.
    • Click on the .ris file (or 'Open' the file) to import the item records into EndNote.
    • The records will appear in your EndNote Library in a temporary Imported References folder. Click All References to return to your full list of references.

Export option for other Library databases:

  • Bloomsbury Food Library - Citation>Export RIS file

  • Emerald - access the preferred article > scroll down to Keywords and citation sections >  'Download as .RIS'

  • Food Studies Online database (Alexander Street Press) - access the preferred article > > Select format APA7 > Export to a citation manager > RIS

  • IBISWorld - add reference manually or see 'Create a reference from a webpage'. 

  • Informitaccess the preferred article > Export Citations > Download Citation > RIS

  • Knovel e-books - access the preferred article > Cite > Export citation to RIS (*.ris)

  • Proquest - access the preferred article > > Export to a citation manager or file > > Output to: RIS (works with EndNote, Citavi, Mendeley etc.)

  • Proquest Ebook Central- access the preferred book/chapter > Cite book (left-hand corner) > Select format APA7 > Export citation > EndNote/Citavi

  • Taylor & Francis Online - access the preferred article > Cite this article > Download citation in RIS

  • ClickView & Kanopy videos - add reference manually or see 'Create a reference from a webpage'. 


If the name of an author, title or any other information imports in ALL CAPS:

  • select the relevant record, choose the 'Edit' tab,
  • highlight text in the field that needs changing,
  • go to the Edit menu>Change case>Sentence case.

Mac users

The exported references will appear in the Downloads folder. Drag and drop  the file into the EndNote icon on the dock.

  •  If you have a MacIntosh computer use Firefox (free download) to export or import references to EndNote.
  • Safari, the default Mac browser, requires extensive setting up to work seamlessly with EndNote. Google Chrome may also require some adjustments.