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Editing Citations

  Mac users

  • Open a blank document, check for EndNote tab in Word. If not showing, select Tools >Templates and Add-ins.
  • Select EndNote CWYW Word 16 options. Select 'OK'.
    • Note: The tab should appear. If not, close and reopen Word.
  • Check that APA 7th is the selected style. Select it, if not.

EndNote tab in Word on a Mac
Note: Based on Word 2016 (MAC)

  • The instructions to insert citation(s) are similar for both Windows and Mac, see below instructions (For Windows).
  • You can also watch Video tutorial for Mac.


  1. Open your EN Library which contains the references you want to cite.
  2. Open a document in Word (it is important for first time use Word with EndNote).
  3. Position your cursor on the page where you want to insert the first citation.
  4. From the EndNote tab in Word, select Insert citation > Insert citation.
  5. Enter keywords in the Search box to locate the reference you want to insert, click Find.
  6. Select the preferred reference from the result list, click Insert.

Note: Multiple citations can also be inserted by repeating the Find method.

Tips: To directly select references from your EN Library: 

  • holding down the Ctrl key and select the in the quick access toolbar, or
  • select a reference from your Library and choose Insert from within the reference preview panel.
  • You can also watch Video tutorial for Windows.

For both Windows and Mac users

Once a citation have inserted into Word, it should not be edited directly within Word. You must use 'Edit & Manage Citation(s)'.

  1. Highlight the formatted in-text citation that you'd like to modify.
  2. Select the Edit & Manage Citation(s) from the toolbar (or right-click the mouse within the citation).

Adding a page number(s) and additional text

Within the Edit & Manage Citation(s) dialog box:

  • enter a page number in the box labelled Pages, e.g. 26 (no punctuation necessary).
  • to add additional text within your citation, use the Prefix (before) or Suffix (after) fields.
    • For example: when referring to a paragraph, or section number, or name within a website, use the Suffix field, i.e., para.3 (para. is the abbreviation used in APA 7th for paragraph.

Note: Any punctuation needed (e.g. commas, full stops) must also be included.











  • You can also format how a reference should be displayed within your assignment/Word document.
  • Use the Format menu to customise the appearance of an individual in-text citation.
    • You can present author outside of the parenthetical citation, exclude the author, the year, or both.
    • You can also instruct EndNote to display this reference in your bibliography only.


  • To remove/delete a selected citation, use Edit & Manage Citations>Edit Reference options

Mac users

  • To remove/delete a selected citation, use Edit & Manage Citations>Edit Reference options