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What is EndNote?

EndNote is a software application for storing, managing, searching and sharing your references.

Allows you to

  • Manage your references
  • Add citations in Word documents
  • Add references in Word documents
  • Format references in the appropriate style

EndNote can't help you to

  • Fix reference errors.
  • Reference correctly - you need to know APA 7th Reference Style.

What you need to know

  • There are some different features in using EndNote for Windows and MAC users. There are instructions for both Windows and  Mac users in this guide.

  • How to use your required referencing style, which is APA 7th, correctly before using EndNote.
  • William Angliss is currently using EndNote 20.

 Use the side tabs to find out more about the features of EndNote 20, and how the WAI Library can help you.

Where can I find EndNote 20 on campus?

EndNote software is pre-installed on computers in both Melbourne and Sydney campuses.

Melbourne campus

  • the Library
  • rooms A220, A221, A340, A434, A437, D207, D209, D211 and D212.

Sydney campus

  • on the available computers.

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