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Research skills

Why research skills are important

Research skills

  • are the crucial elements of the writing process.
  • will enable students to gather information and form a framework for their assessments.

By developing effective research methods, you will be able to gain good knowledge in your research fields.


You can improve you research skills by following these tips:

1. Start broad, then dive into the specifics.

  • start with basic internet with online resources like Google and Wikipedia. Those resources are not always accurate, they usually give you basic overview of a topic.

2. Learn how to recognize a quality source.

  • Not every source is reliable, so it’s crucial that you can recognize the good sources from the not-so-good ones.
  • Use your analytical skills and critical thinking, and apply CRAAP test whenever possible. 

 3. Verify information from several sources.

  • never rely on one source such as webpage
  • search at least two or more places to see if they are saying something similar

 4.  Be open to surprising answers.

  • Good research is all about finding answers to your research questions—not necessarily as a way to verify what you already think you know.

5.  Stay organized.

  • It’s crucial that you keep and organise all of the data collected to prevent yourself from losing something or not being able to cite something properly. There are plenty of ways to keep your research project organized, but here are a few common ones:
    • Bookmarking your Internet sites, index cards, and
    • have an annotated bibliography that you keep updated as you go.

6.  Take advantage of library resources.


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