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Copyright Guide and Referencing Images


Under Australian law, creators have the right to be attributed or credited for their work. Similarly, they have rights not to have their work falsely attributed, nor to have their work treated in a derogatory way. These are known as “moral rights”.

Images are usually accompanied by a copyright statement that indicates how you may use the image in your work - i.e., whether you may reprint or adapt it. The copyright status of a work will be found in different places, but is usually indicated:

  • On the verso of the title page for a book or report
  • In the footer of a website
  • On the first or last page of an article
  • Below an online image

The information in the copyright statement will contain either the word ‘copyright’ or the copyright symbol ©, followed by the name of the copyright holder. The year that the work was first published may also be included, (©/Copyright, the name of the copyright holder, year).

If the work is made available under a form of Creative Commons (CC) then it may be annotated with the wording Creative Commons (CC) (Creative Commons (CC) licence) or CCO Public Domain (CCO Public Domain licence).


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