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Research and Learning skills: Presentations

Presentations - Quick tips

  • Plan your presentation carefully

  • Don’t have too much text on slides. Use dot points and key words

  • Practise giving your presentation, by yourself and/or with a friend

  • Practise words that you find difficult to pronounce

  • Don’t read word-for-word from a script or slides

  • Don't rush. Speak more slowly and clearly than in conversation

  • Check your timing. Many students talk for too long

  • Check the facilities. Make sure you know how to use equipment and software

Delivering dynamic presentations, Kanopy - Episode 10 of How to Become a SuperStar Student 2nd Edition Course

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Develop an opening hook that takes advantage of a startling image or fact. Organize your speech or presentation the way you would organize a research paper.

Presentations - Helpful guides

Presentations - In the Library

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