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Research and Learning skills: Time management

Time management - Quick tips

Take control of your own time! Use these tips so you get good results as well as fitting in work, friends and study.

  • Create a schedule. Find some organising tools that suit you and use them (e.g. phone calendar, diary and/or semester planner)

  • Put all due dates for assessments for the semester in your planner; start work on them early.

  • Create dedicated, regular times for study outside of classes.

  • Avoid procrastination and distraction: work out what stops you from getting work done and find a way to manage it (Gaming? Facebook? SnapChat?).

  • Set your priorities: use these to set some achievable short and longer term goals 

  • Find balance. Make time to sleep, exercise and socialise, as well as to work and study.

Time management - helpful resources

Semester planners for VET and HE students are available on MYWAI

The planners include WAI term times, public holidays etc. Use them to plan out when your assessments are due, when you have tests, and when you can take a break.

  • Look at your subject outlines or assessment outlines to work out when your assessments are due

  • Note on the planner when each assessment is due, or when you have tests/exams

  • Consider using different colours for each subject

  • You may want to note when you are going to work on different assessments

  • You can print them out (they work well on A3) or use a soft copy in Excel

Time management - in the LRC

Managing time and organizing spaces, Kanopy

By navigating their busy lives more effectively, students can free up more time and space for true learning--and things they really like to do. First, students will bust the myth that multitasking actually works. Then, they'll develop strategies for planning and prioritizing activities. Finally, they'll learn some secrets to keeping themselves--and their work--organized.

Presenter: Michael Geisen M.A., Professor at Southern Oregon University

This clip is only running for 6 minutes. To watch a full video, (33 minutes), go here.

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