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LRC New resources May/June 2020: You might be interested in .....

New resources

First Aid : Conscious Casualty First Aid

Duration: 1:40
Series: First Aid
Scalds are commonly the result of domestic or kitchen accidents. This health and safety training video shows an office worker managing a scald to the hand.

The Tivoli Road Baker

Summary: In The Tivoli Road Baker, British-born pastry chef Michael James and his team share the knowledge that goes into creating standout bread and pastries.

First Aid : Introducing D.R.S.A.B.C.D. First Aid

Duration: 1:54
Series: First Aid
D.R.S.A.B.C.D. (DRSABCD) is an emergency action plan that consists of seven steps.


Duration: 5:12
Series: Numeracy in Hospitality
This video explains how to use mathematical calculations to work out whether rostered staff will be able to finish their assigned tasks in time for the next schedule.

Disaster planning and preparedness in the hotel industry

Available for download or read chapters online.

About a girl : a mother's powerful story of raising her transgender child

Rebekah Robertson's extraordinary personal story of raising her transgender child, Georgie Stone, who has become a voice not just for other transgender kids but for a whole generation.

Cash Handling

Duration: 3:38
Series: Numeracy in Retail
This video explains how mental maths can be used to ensure that customers are given the correct change for their purchases, even when the POS system is unavailable!

Boy erased : a memoir of identity, faith and family

Also in a DVD (See DVD & Video Streaming tab)

Once a girl, always a boy : A family memoir of a transgender journey.

Jeremy Ivester is a transgender man. Thirty years ago, his parents welcomed him into the world as what they thought was their daughter.

Little fires everywhere

Paperback edition.

Set Menus

Duration: 3:58
Series: Numeracy in Hospitality
This video demonstrates the thinking processes involved in calculating different quantities of food for a set menu.

First Aid : Recovery Position First Aid

Duration: 3:08
Series: First Aid
This health and safety training video snippet demonstrates how to place a casualty into the recovery position, while maintaining your own good posture and avoiding unnecessary strain.

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