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Tourism and Events: Welcome


This is a guide for Tourism and Events students and staff. It provides information on resources available in the Library and online. Use the tabs above to select the type of information you are searching for.

For further assistance, contact us either by phone or email (see Contact us ), or drop into the Library to speak to a member of the team.

A little trivia

Some trivial knowledge of countries around the world:

  • Gabon: High on nature – Gabon’s forest elephants are particularly fond of iboga, a shrub known for its strong hallucinogenic properties.

  • Greenland: Numbers in Greenlandic only go up to 12 – after 12 there is only amerlasoorpassuit (many); otherwise you have to use Danish numbers.

  • India: There is no such thing as curry in India – the Southern Indian word kari simply means ‘fried’ or ‘sauce’.

  • Liechtenstein: Liechtenstein is the only country in the world named after the people who purchased it.

  • Qatar: Foreign maps of Arabia drawn before the 19th century didn’t show Qatar.

  • Russia: The Hermitage in St Petersburg is home to a crew of more than 70 cats, who keep the palace rodent-free, as they have since the time of Catherine the Great.

  • Scotland: Bevvied, blootered, hammered, eein’, fou, steamin’, stotious, plastered and just plain pished... all these words mean ‘drunk’ in Scotland.

  • Venezuela: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s book The Lost World was inspired by the table mountain of Roraima, where plant and animal species found nowhere else on earth were discovered in the 1890s.



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