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EndNote Desktop: Organising references on a Windows PC or laptop

This guide will introduce you to features of the referencing software, EndNote, and the resources and support available.

Organise references into groups

You can organise references in your Library by creating Groups. The default Group is All References.

There are different types of Groups you can create in EndNote.

You can create Groups manually.

  1. Go to Groups and select Create Group.
  2. Type the name of the New Group and press Enter to create it.
  3. The new Group will appear under 'My Groups'.

Image of Creating a New Group on Windows

3. Then drag-and-drop references into this group OR right-click the mouse over a highlighted reference and              click Add Reference To.


Or create Smart Groups using search criteria that you set. Any references currently in your Library or any future references that match the criteria, will automatically be moved to these groups.

  1. Go to Groups and select Create Smart Group.
  2. Type the name of the New Smart Group and set the search criteria you want.
  3. Select Create.

Image of creating a Smart Group on Windows

4. References that match the criteria will appear in the Smart Group.

Image of references in Smart Group on Windows

You can also create Group Sets and Combination Groups to further organise your Groups.

A Group Set creates a header under which individual Groups can sit.

 'Create from Group' allows you to combine Groups together, and will show the references which they have in common.

These options can be found under the Groups menu.

Image of Group Set and Combination Group on Windows

Note: Deleting a reference from a created group does not delete it from your Library. It will remain in your All References group until you move it into and then permanently delete it from the Image of Trash Can on Windows.  References can be included in more than one Group.