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Copyright @ William Angliss: Images

Attribution is a MUST

 Please go to the Moral Rights section for more information on attribution of other people's works.

How to find images Flickr


This site has lots of great photos that can be used. Anyone can upload images to flickr, but the owner/photographer always reserves the right to decide what can be done with their images.

NOTE: not all images on flickr have a creative common license.

How to find Creative Commons (CC) images on flickr

To search for CC images, enter a keyword in the search box > select Search photos


In the results screen, click on 'Any License' > select relevant Creative Commons license for you.

The results will then be limited to images that have a creative commons license.

NOTE: For educational use > select All Creative Commons.

You must attribute all images you use.


How to find images from Google


How to find Creative Commons images using Google

You can narrow down your Google image search results to only include images are that are free to use under creative commons.

From the results screen select Tools > Usage Rights > Creative Commons licenses

NOTE: You will still need to attribute all images you use.

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