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The Coast of Australia

The Coasts of Australia provides the first
comprehensive overview of the coastal systems that operate around the Australian coast, including beaches, dunes, estuaries, deltas, rocky coast and coral reefs.

The colonial fantasy : why white Australia can't solve black problems

Australia is wreaking devastation on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The evidence is incontrovertible.

Cronin's key guide : Australian trees

Cronin's Key Guide to Australian Trees is an indispensable guide to Australia's unique and fascinating trees. Featuring more than 325 species from all parts of the continent, each tree is beautifully illustrated and described in detail in clear, concise language. There are distribution maps for every species and to make identification fast and simple, there is also a unique, easy-to-use visual key.

Simple French food

Simple French food 40th Year Anniversary.

Wildlife of the Otways and Shipwreck Coast

This book will allow those interested in wildlife, including residents and visitors, to identify mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs found in the region.

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