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Australian Traveller issue 67                                                  


AUGUST 2019 NEWS       

Information for students and staff about the journals and magazines in the William Angliss Institute Learning Resource Centre.

Included here are updates to new journals, changes to publications and information on online access to various resources.

Display area at the front of the LRC           Wine     Beer       Alchol  

The display changes on a regular basis about every 4 - 6 months. We focus on a particular subject area or issue.  These journals are the current issue and you will find the older issues on the shelves under their Dewey number or in the cabinet in the middle of the LRC.


Australiian Hotelier July 2019;      Foodservice News July 2019;   Australian Meat News July 2019;   

Business Traveller -  July/August 2019  Location  PER 338.479 15 BUS Articles featured in this new edition look at the following: 

1.    Flinders Ranges in South Australia travelling in luxury vehicles and staying in luxury accommodation;

2.    Burn Out  -  looking at research into international travel and the repercussions of an individual's mindset determines their experience of business travel;       

3.   Hong Kong Lounge Guide - A comprehensive guide to the who can access each lounge, facilities, what's it like, location and opening hours.  

4.   Upfront - latest news on a wide range of issues that are important for business travellers - flights, airlines, hotels, food and deals.

Decanter -  July 2019  Location PER 641.22 DEC The magazine looks at the important issues affecting the wine industry across the globe. 

1.   The latest news including the wine trade support Notre Dame fund;        

2.    Articles by Andrew Jefford (Decanter contributor and Author) and Elin McCoy (journalist and author who writes for Bloomberg News); 

3.    Andy Howard MW (Decanter contributing editor and DWWA judge) looks "My top 30: carbonic maceration reds."  Carbonic maceration involves the fermentation of uncrushed grapes or whole bunches. 

4.   "Climate Change: time to act" - article written by Rupert Joy (a former diplomat, international consultant and occasional wine writer). Rupert believes wine production can have considerable environmental impact, so the industry needs to lead by example in addressing a global issue.  

5.    Explore Spain's undiscovered whites" looks at Spain's wide diversity of terroirs and innovation winemaking meaning that there is great quality in the modern white wine styles according to Sarah Jane Evans MW (co-Chair of the DWWA and the author of "The Wines of Northern Spain').   

6.    Other topics covered include Alsace Rieslings, interview with Jamie Kutch, Californian winemaker at Kutch Wines,Italian Prosecco and the producer profile looking at Wakefield Estate of the Taylor family in the Claire Valley South Australia.   

7.    Travel section looks at Greece wine, in particular the island of Santorini with a growing thriving wine industry.  

Travel Weekly -  July 2019  Issue 260    Location PER 338.4791 TRA  This quarterly magazine has a wide range of articles for this edition.

1.    Big Interview -  Huntley Mitchell writes about John O'Sullivan, the former Managing Director of Tourism Australia and the new CEO of Experience Co.  This indepth article discusses the indelible mark left on Tourism Australia since he joined in 2014. His major campaign for Tourism Australia was the 'Dundee' campaign which was a $36 million marketing push inspired by Crocodile Dundee.

2.     5 Things I've Learned  - a 5 point quick read from Greg McCallum, Sales Director at Entire Travel Group.  Greg looks at 5 important things to improved business and the working environment.  Includes great teams; decisions, hiring people with the right attitude, embrace change and the importance of health and wellbeing.

3.    Visit Britain is encouraging tourists to visit other parts of Britain than just London.  Yorkshire and Northern Wales are 2 areas that are being promoted.

4.     South Australia is being promoted to travel agents with information about how to sell it to clients.

5.     South Africa, Turkey and French Polynesia are popular destinations for clients.

Wineries of Victoria -  2019 Issue 10    Location PER 641.22 WIN   An annual publication promoting the wine industry of Victoria.  Covers wines and wineries and the industry in general.  Articles in this issue include the following:-

1.    Hear it through the Grapevine - the latest news from the local wine industry.

2.    Meet the Winemakers -  Meg Brodtmann (Helen & Joey Estate); Axel Friend (Narkoojee Winery & Restaurant); Richard Tallis (Tallis Wine)

3.    A Visit to the Valley  - a look at the Goulburn Valley

4.    Blending the Rules - about blending wines.

5.    The Future is Green - why winemakers and connisseurs are opting for natural, organic wine.

6.    Simply Spanish - authentic recipes from the wine cellars, kitchens and tapas bars of Barcelona.








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