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APA 7th Referencing: Websites

This guide provides information and resources for students and staff about APA 7th, the referencing style used at William Angliss Institute.

Some tips when referencing Websites

This category includes information about referencing websites

Use this format if there is no other category that fits a resource found online (e.g. journal article, conference paper, blog, social media).

The template for web references only includes four pieces of information (author, date, title, and source).

  • Where there is no author, use the title in place of the author’s name in-text and in the reference list entry.
  • The year of publication is usually taken from date of last update, often located at the bottom of a webpage. Otherwise, n.d. (for ‘no date’) should be used.

  • No retrieval date is required, unless the content is designed to change frequently, e.g. a wiki.

Format for a reference list:-

Author, Initial. (Year). Title of website/page/document document. http://URL

Examples: Websites

Website with group author


Tourism Research Australia (n.d.) …


… (Tourism Research Australia, n.d.)

Reference list 

Tourism Research Australia. (n.d.). Forecasts of international traveller activity. 

Website with no author

To determine authorship, look at the website to see who may be responsible; it may be just one person or a group author. Group authors could be entities, such as governments, companies, organizations or associations.

In some cases you may find that there is truly no apparent author of a website. In this instance the website is referenced as having ‘no author’. For example, it can be difficult to determine authorship for wiki entries or other unattributed website content.

Where there is no author for a website/webpage, the title moves to the first position of the reference entry (i.e. the authors’ position).


“Wikitravel: Travellers’ pub.” (2020) …


 … (“Wikitravel: Travellers’ pub", 2020).

Note: Use “double quotation” marks around the title of the webpage in-text

Reference list 

Wikitravel: Travellers’ pub. (2020, January 6).  Retrieved January 16, 2020, from

Note: The retrieval date is included with this example, because wiki content can change regularly. In most cases, a retrieval date is not necessary in APA style, but if an online source changes frequently, this should be included.