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APA 7th Referencing: Paraphrasing/Quoting

This guide provides information and resources for students and staff about APA 7th, the referencing style used at William Angliss Institute.

Paraphrasing and Quoting

For most assignments, you will need to read and then write about other writers' work on a subject and also come to your own conclusions. If you paraphrase or summarise a point made by another author, you require only the author(s) and date. The page no(s) is also included if we are making a direct quote.

Examples of paraphrasing

O’Shannessy, Minett, and Hyde (2008) indicate that tourism can be a multi-faceted word …
Weaver (2006) believes having reliable information for data measurement in tourism is possible; there are simple procedures to collect this type of data. However, as the destination is getting larger so will the difficulty in compiling an accurate database.

Example of a direct quote

There are distinct differences between teams and groups within the workforce. Groups are people who have been brought together who share commonalties. However, teamwork is “the collective effort of all team members to achieve the team’s common goals” (O’Shannessy & Minett, 2008, p. 101).

More Information

For more examples on in-text references, reference list entries, paraphrasing and quoting, please view our extended APA referencing guide. Alternatively, seek help from teachers within your relevant subjects, learning advisors or Library staff.