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APA 7th Referencing: Books

This guide provides information and resources for students and staff about APA 7th, the referencing style used at William Angliss Institute.

Some tips when referencing Print & Electronic Books

This category includes information about print and electronic books.

  • Place information about editions, volume numbers and page numbers in parentheses following the title.
  • Including database or device information in article and book references is rarely needed, as most content is available through a variety of platforms, meaning different readers will have different methods of access.  However, if a DOI has been assigned, this should be included.
  • Any book found online (not from library database and without a DOI) must include a URL, following the place of publication.


Format for a reference list:-
Author(s) surname, Initials. (Year). Title of book. Publisher.

Author(s) surname, Initials. (Year). Title of book. Publisher. http// 

Author, A. A. (Year). Title of chapter. In B. B. Editor (Ed.), Title of book (pp. xxx–xxx). Publisher. 

Note: Title to be italicised.

Example: Book with One Author

Book with one author (print or found in a library database)


Weaver (2006)  identifies … 


… (Weaver, 2006).

Reference list 

Weaver, D. (2006). Sustainable tourism: Theory and practice. Butterworth Heinemann.

Example: Book with Editor(s)

Book with editor(s) and volume (print or found in a library database)


Kiple and Ornelas (2000) …


… (Kiple & Ornelas, 2000)

Reference list 

Kiple, K. F., & Ornelas, K. C. (Eds.). (2000). The Cambridge world history of food (Vol. 1). Cambridge University Press.

Example: Book chapter

Book chapter with editor(s) and edition (print or found in a library database)


Avraham (2006) noted …


… (Avraham, 2006)

Reference list 

Avraham, E. (2006). Public relations and advertising strategies for managing tourist destination image crises. In Y.               

     Mansfeld, & A. Pizam (Eds.), Tourism, security and safety: From theory to practice (1st ed., pp. 233-249).