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APA 7th Referencing: What is Referencing

This guide provides information and resources for students and staff about APA 7th, the referencing style used at William Angliss Institute.

Why do we Reference?

Referencing provides a standard way to acknowledge the sources that we use within our written work. It is an important element of academic writing, and a skill that you will be expected to use (and use effectively) in your assignments at TAFE or University. The person who is marking your work should be able to identify exactly how your ideas have been formed. If you do not reference, you may be plagiarising (using other people’s ideas and words as if they are your own). This is considered a serious offence at William Angliss Institute.

How do we Reference?

To reference we use in-text citations and also produce a reference list. At William Angliss Institute, students and staff are required to use the APA 7th style

For Example 

In-text reference

O’Shannessy et al. (2008) indicate that tourism can be a multi-faceted word … 

Reference list entry

O’Shannessy, V., Minett, D., & Hyde, G. (2008). The road to tourism: Skills for the new professional (2nd ed.). 

Pearson Education Australia.


Referencing Guides

Extended APA 7th Style Guide

This comprehensive guide (39 pages, PDF) is designed to help reference the sources of information you use for your assignments. Examples of in-text references and reference list entries can be found for many different types of resources.

Quick Style Guide

View examples for more commonly used resources (books, journal articles, websites) (5 pages, PDF)

Guide for VET

For VET students who are only required to create a resource list (or bibliography) using the conventions of APA 7th style (6 pages, PDF).

APA 7th Style Guide to Reproduced, Reprinted, or Adapted Images 

When citing images from other sources, additional information may be required. Use this guide to understand the concepts of copyright, licencing and attribution and how these apply to images in APA 7th style.

Always check with your lecturer or teacher if you are unsure of the guidelines you should follow.

All guides can be downloaded.

Copies of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th edition) are also available to borrow from the Library at 808.06615 AME.


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