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Research and Learning skills: Time management

Time management - Quick tips

Take control of your own time! Use these tips so you get good results as well as fitting in work, friends and study.

  • Create a schedule. Find some organising tools that suit you and use them (e.g. phone calendar, diary and/or semester planner)

  • Put all due dates for assessments for the semester in your planner; start work on them early.

  • Create dedicated, regular times for study outside of classes.

  • Avoid procrastination and distraction: work out what stops you from getting work done and find a way to manage it (Gaming? Facebook? SnapChat?).

  • Set your priorities: use these to set some achievable short and longer term goals 

  • Find balance. Make time to sleep, exercise and socialise, as well as to work and study.

Time management - helpful resources

Semester planners for VET and HE students

Download a copy:

The planners include WAI term times, public holidays etc. Use them to plan out when your assessments are due, when you have tests, and when you can take a break.

  • Look at your subject outlines or assessment outlines to work out when your assessments are due

  • Note on the planner when each assessment is due, or when you have tests/exams

  • Consider using different colours for each subject

  • You may want to note when you are going to work on different assessments

  • You can print them out (they work well on A3) or use a soft copy in Excel

Time management - in the LRC

Time management: Getting balance, QUT

TIme management for students, Ottawa Network for Education

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