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LRC Newsletter Semester 2, 2017: A few reminders

Booking for LRC Orientation for your classes

To avoid any clashes or disappointment, please book your classes for the LRC Orientation tours as soon as possible. The LRC will do its best to accommodate all bookings. Contact your Departmental Liaison Librarians to book a session.

Student login account /password - changes

Please remind your students that they can reset their passwords via Mywai by using My Password Management Portal and that will enable the students to synchronise your password across the following.

  • myWAI student portal
  • eStudent
  • student email
  • institute computers
  • student WiFi

Student Email redirecting

Please remind your students that all communication from WAI will be sent to their Angliss email,

If the students do not wish to use the Angliss email,  they have the option of re-directing their email to a personal email address. This means that all correspondence from WAI will be sent to your selected alternative email address – this is highly recommended.

Guide to redirecting email

MYPC booking system

MyPC booking system allows students to book for PCs, Study rooms and Media Pod online via the student desktop or LRC homepage. MyPC is available on and off campus.

NOTE: Only a selection of computers within the LRC are bookable.

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