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Reserve room index: Higher Education Prescribed texts

Access to HE prescribed texts

You can search for prescribed texts  via the LRC catalogue or use the title listing below. These high demand texts can now be found within the general collection.

  • Two items can be borrowed at one time, for a  (3) day loan period.
  • Items cannot be renewed.
  • $5.00 per day penalty applies for overdue items.

Title listing

Reserve Room title list - A – L

Semester 2 - 2018

Call of the reed warbler: A New agriculture, a new Earth (1st ed.). Massy, C. (2017).Higher Education prescribed text - FDS852 / FDS601

Check-In Check-Out (9th ed.). Vallen, G. K., & Jerome J. Vallen, J.J. (2014). Higher Education prescribed text – HOH501/ HOH509

Communication in business: Strategies and skills (4th ed.) Dwyer, J. (2009). Higher Education prescribed text – HE708/FHE714

The cook’s bible of ingredientsBrooker, M. (2005). Higher Education prescribed text – GAS701 / GAS751

Encore festival and event evaluation kit review and redevelopment. Schlenker, K., Foley, C., & Getz, D. (2010). Higher Education prescribed textEVE703

Event evaluation: Theory and methods for event management and tourism. Getz, D. (2018). Also available as an ebook. Higher Education prescribed text – EVE559 / EVE551

Event marketing: How to successfully promote events, festivals, conventions, and expositions (2nd ed.) Preston,C.A, (2012). Higher Education prescribed text – EVE603

Event studies: Theory, research and policy for planned events (3rd ed.). Getz, D. (2016). Higher Education prescribed text – EVE559 / EVE 551 / EVE659  EVE651 / EVE759 / EVE751 Available as an ebook.

Events management: A developmental and managerial approach (3rd ed.)Tassiopoulos, D. (2010). Higher Education prescribed text – EVE702

Food and beverage management (5th ed.).Davis, B. (2012). Higher Education prescribed text – HOS602 Available as an ebook.

Human resource management: Theory, skills, application (3rd ed.). Dessler, G., Griffiths, J., & Lloyd-Walker, B. (2007). Higher Education prescribed text – MAN701

Innovation management and new product development (4th ed.). Trott, P. (2008). Higher Education prescribed text – MAN704

IngredientsWerle, L., Cox, J., & Miriams, P. (2005). Higher Education prescribed text – GAS701 / GAS751

An introduction to revenue management for the hospitality industry: Principles and practices for the real world (1st ed.). Tranter,K.A., Stuart-Hill, T., Parker, J. (2009). Higher Education prescribed text – MAN703


Title listing

Reserve Room title list - M – Z

Semester 2 - 2018

Management: the essentials (3rd ed.).Robbins, S., DeCenzo, D., Coulter, M., & Woods, M. (2016). Higher Education prescribed text – MAN501

Revenue management for the hospitality industry. Hayes, D. K., & Miller, A. (2011). Also available as an ebookHigher Education prescribed text – MAN703

Strategic management: A stakeholder approach. Freeman, R. E. (2010). Higher Education prescribed text – EVE604

Strategic management: Competitiveness & globalization: Concepts and cases (12th ed.). Hitt, M. A., Ireland, R. D., & Hoskisson, R. E. (2017). Higher Education prescribed text – MAN707

Strategic management: Thinking, analysis and action (4th ed). Hubbard, G. & Beamish, P. (2010). Higher Education prescribed text – MAN704

Sustainable procurement - guidance. Standards Australia Limited, issuing body. (2017). Higher Education prescribed text -– HOS603

A Taste of the world of wineIland, P. (2009). Higher Education prescribed text – GAS601 / HOS609 / HOS509 / GAS501

Tourism and the power of otherness: Seductions of difference.  Picard, D., & Di Giovine, M. A. (Eds.). (2014).  Higher Education prescribed textHOS651 Available as an ebook.

What to eat with what to drink: The definitive guide to pairing food with wine, beer, spirits, coffee, tea-- even water-- based on expert advice from Americas best Sommeliers (1st ed.). Dornenberg, A., & Page, K. (2006). Higher Education prescribed text – HOS509 / GAS501

Wine (5th ed). Domine, A. (ed.) (2004). Higher Education prescribed text – GAS701 / GAS751


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