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Australian Traveller issue 67                                                  


APRIL 2019 NEWS       

Information for students and staff about the journals and magazines in the William Angliss Institute Learning Resource Centre.

Included here are updates to new journals, changes to publications and information on online access to various resources.


Nature & Health  - publication has ceased in 2019.


Epicure Asia  print edition published in Singapore monthly -  specialising in Asian food and the hospitality sector in the Asian area.      Also, writes about food globally including Australia.  Travel and wine are important sections in this widely circulated magazine. There is a comprehensive website.  Enjoy exploring this new magazine which is available in the cabinet.

Journal of Peasant Studies - online only via Database tab and then Taylor & Taylor online                                                                                                                                                  Subtitled Critical Perspectives on Rural Politics and Development, is a bimonthly peer-reviewed academic journal covering research into the social structures, institutions, actors, and processes of change in the rural areas of the developing world. It is published by Routledge and the editor-in-chief is Saturnino "Jun" Borras Jr. (International Institute of Social Studies).  (Wikipedia) 


New Editions have just arrived 


             Cuisine                                Good Weekend                                          Delicious                        Epicure Asia         Conde Nast Traveler

Bean Scene   April 2019   Sustainable practices are discussed with the CEO of the Simonelli Group, Fabio Ceccarani.  The Simonelli Group manufacture Italian expresso coffee machines are therefore, have a responsibility to make coffee in the fairest and most sustainable and respectful way possible.  Other topics featured are roasting, growing coffee in Brazil and protecting natural habitats and the ideal water composition to bring out the flavour during espresso extraction.  

Condé Nast Traveler  April 2019   The Experts Issue 2019    'Our editors pick of the best travel specialists in the world'..  

Cuisine NZ   March 2019 Issue 193  This edition looks at Indigenous ingredients - both from New Zealand and Australian,  the archives of Cusine dig back into memories of former Cuisine contributor Peter Sinclair, and wrapping food in all types of leaves.   

Delicious   April 2019  Issue 191  The children of Will Stubb, Australian Cheese specialist- Ellie and Sam are taking over the family business and will be writing articles for Delicious.    Easter is an important event at this time of the year.

Epicure Asia   March 2019  and April 2019   a new subscription for William Angliss.  Published Monthly in Singapore the magazine looks at the area of Asian and Asian food.  However, there is also a global focus with travel and wine being written about.  

Foodservice News magazine   April 2019                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The reverse of this magazine has a special section with a focus on  food service NEXT generation front of house.  The editor explains that they talked to some of the brightest young front-of-house sparks, from waiters to bartenders, managers and sommeliers.

Good Weekend  6 April 2019    52 Dream Destinations  -   Looking at amazing destinations around the world for international  luxury holidays from cities to the rural areas, environmental, foodies, snow, spa and relaxation destinations.

Restaurant Business   March 2019  US published    'How We got Here'        This issue looks back at 100 years of history to today.           Peter Romeo (Editor-at-Large) delved into cartons of musty vintage photos, minutes of meetings where everyone seemed to sport a handlebar mustache and crumbling back issues of 'The Soda Fountain (the original name of Restaurant Business) to understand the industry.                      The US National Restaurant Association was formed in 1919.   These were his impressions -  This is an industry of opportunity;  Labour is the industry's birth curse;  and the industries superpower is the willingness to collaborate.  Read more detail in the magazine.


Display area at the front of the LRC 

The display changes on a regular basis about every 4 - 6 months. We focus on a particular subject area or issue.  These journals are the current issue and you will find the older issues on the shelves under their Dewey number.

The focus at the moment is Food, Hospitality and Ingredients.   Healthy food, and vegetables as well as the hospitality industry. 



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