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APA Referencing: Articles

Articles, Journals & Magazines

This category includes information about print and online articles.

Articles could be publications that are produced at regular intervals, such as journals/periodicals/magazines or newspapers.
  • Include the digital object identifier (DOI) in the reference if one is assigned. If no DOI is assigned to the resource and it’s been retrieved online, include the home page URL Retrieved from http://www.xxxxx
  • No retrieval date is required.

Format for a reference list:-
Author(s) surname, Initials. (Year). Title of article. Journal title, volume number(issue number), page number(s). doi: xx.xxxx
Note: Title of journal and volume number to be italicised


Article - Journal with DOI (print or online)

In-text example

Cha, Kim, and Cichy (2013)…


…(Cha, Kim, & Cichy, 2013)

Reference list example
Cha, J., Kim, S., & Cichy, R. F. (2013). Hospitality students’ intent to become involved as active alumni: A predictive                                           model. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education, 25(1), 1-10. doi: 10.1080/10963758.2013.777583



Article - Journal without DOI (print)

In-text example

Dufrêne (2014)…


…(Dufrêne, 2014)

Reference list example

Dufrêne, B. (2014). Taiwan's tea industry: Growing from green to bubble. Tea & Coffee Trade Journal, 186(5), 42-44. 


Article - Journal without DOI (online)

Maximiliano (2011)…


…(Maximiliano, 2011)

Reference list example

Maximiliano, K. (2011). Can tourism be considered ethical? Journal of Travel & Tourism Research, 11(1), 91-104.                                        Retrieved from                                                          direct=true&db=hjh&AN=64286678&site=ehost-live

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